Thursday, December 1, 2016

New Trimester: Week of November 28

Monday 11/28
Welcome back! We started the week with a journal prompt. Make sure you have this completed and turned in this Friday, December 2.

  • You need to write for the full amount of time that you are given, and your journal entry should take up at least ¾ of a page (1 full page if you are using a small journal). Journal entries that are less than half a page will receive no credit. You may write on one or more of the following topics:
    • Write about a holiday gift you want that does not cost money.
    • Write about the person or thing you are most grateful for.
    • Write about anything else. (What’s in your heart?)
Tuesday 11/29
Today, we began using a new computer program, StudySync, through ConnectEd and McGraw-Hill. To sign into your account, follow this link: Your username is BESD1330... and your password is your first and last initial, followed by a six-digit date of birth. (For example, my password would be "bb110487" because my name is Brian Bowler and my date of birth is November 4, 1987). 
  • Make sure you have completed both blasts that were assigned: "You'd Better Believe It" and "Gratitude Adjustment"
  • Review at least 5 of your peers' responses on each blast
Wednesday 11/30
We had some time to work on our Reading Logs today. Make sure you bring a book to class every day! You should also have your journal and a copy of your Reading Log requirements.

Thursday 12/1
Today, we are starting our first reading assignment in StudySync, an excerpt from I Am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up For Education And Was Shot By The Taliban

Friday 12/2
JOURNALS ARE DUE TODAY!!! Make sure you have completed the entry from 11/28 (date at the top of the page!) and your Reading Log.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Week of October 24

Monday 10/24
Figurative Language and The Wednesday Wars

Tuesday 10/25
If you were absent, or you want to review figurative language, watch these videos

Wednesday 10/26
Figurative Language and Maya Angelou poetry

Thursday 10/27
Figurative Language and Story Circles

Friday 10/28 
Figurative Language Summative 

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Week of October 17

Monday 10/17
  • TBD
Tuesday 10/18
  • Vocabulary 4 Summative
Wednesday 10/19
  • Class Warfare winners will be rewarded. Feel free to bring board games, card games, or electronics. NO FOOD.
    • 1st Place: Full class period=free time
    • 2nd Place: Half class period=free time
    • 3rd Place: 10 minutes of class=free time
Thursday & Friday 10/20-21
  • Fall Break - NO SCHOOL

Week of October 10

This week, students are introduced to Vocabulary #4. The summative assessment for this vocabulary list will be on Tuesday, October 18.

Monday 10/10
  • The Wednesday Wars chapters September, October, November - Formative
  • Introduce Vocabulary #4
Tuesday 10/11
  • Journal Prompt: Choose one or more to write about:
    • It’s 11:00PM on a Tuesday night in October. You hear a knock at the door. Who is it, and what do they want?
    • Write about a time when you were happy to get up in the morning. What did you have to look forward to that day?
    • What's in your heart?
Wednesday 10/12
  • Figurative Language
  • Begin reading TWW Chapter "December"
Thursday 10/13
  • Begin Reading Logs, Week 4
  • Review Vocab #4
Friday 10/14
  • Kahoots
    • Vocabulary 4
    • Figurative Language
  • Journals/Reading Logs Due

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Week of October 3

Monday 10/3
  • Shakespearean Insults and the Roast of Mr. Bowler
  • New Vocabulary - List #3 (email me if you need it)
  • Silent Reading (10 min)
Tuesday 10/4
  • Tuesday Tongue Twisters - Fox in Socks
  • Finish The Wednesday Wars chapter "November" & work on learning guide worksheets
Wednesday 10/5
  • Journal Prompt: Write about one or more of the following (10+ minutes)
    • Using alliteration, write your own tongue twister(s).
    • Using figurative language, create similes and/or metaphors for the following nouns, or come up with your own nouns to write similes/metaphors for.
      • Life is (like)...because...
      • My friend(s) is/are (like)...because...
      • (My) family is (like)...because...
      • School is (like)...because...
    • What’s in your heart?
  • Reading Log Week 3 & Silent Reading (10 min)
  • Review Vocab #3
Thursday 10/6
  • Reading Log Week 3
  • Journal Prompt: Write about one or more of the following (10+ minutes)
    • Write about your biggest fear(s).
    • Write about a recent dream you had.
    • Write a letter, email, or text message that you could send to the wrong person at the wrong time.
    • Write about anything else. (What’s in your heart?)
  • Vocab #3 Review & Practice
Friday 10/7
  • Vocab #3 Summative Assessment
  • Journal (including Reading Log Week 3) due

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Week of September 26

In order to make sure students and parents are able to stay up to date on what is going on in class, I will begin posting weekly schedules and links to assignments. I typically have a weekly schedule and daily lesson plan up on the whiteboard, but sometimes I forget to go over them. Inevitably, many students still start class by asking me, "What are we doing today?" So, here is what we have done and will be doing the next three days:*

Monday 9/26

  • Kahoot - Explicit/Inferred & Connotation/Denotation. 
  • Take summative assessment. Read book of choice when finished with test.

Tuesday 9/27

  • SAGE Interim Testing in Library: Writing portion. 
  • Students will read from their book of choice when done with test.

Wednesday 9/28 (Late start w/o homeroom)

  • The Wednesday Wars recap of first two chapters and "October" study guide worksheets. (2nd hour, finish reading "Oct.")

Thursday 9/29

  • Journal prompt: Choose one or more to write about for 10 minutes.
    • Your best/worst memories of the past month
    • What would happen if two people who hated each other were stuck in an elevator for 12 hours?
    • What's in your heart? What's on your mind?
  • Finish TWW "Oct." study guides--students keep with "Sept." study guides for reference. Begin TWW "November." 
  •  BEAR Time today: LA Priority. 

Friday 9/30

  • Finish reading logs, week 2. Turn in journals. 
  • Begin/continue TWW "November."
  • Word games?

*This is a tentative schedule that may change depending on circumstances and students' needs.

Grades, Absences, Make-up Work

Hello students and parents/guardians,

It's been almost a month since the school year began, and I hope you're having as much fun as I am. Most of you are doing excellent work in class and are showing that you are learning the concepts and mastering the skills being taught. Keep up the great work!

That said, I've had some of you contact me with concerns about grades and questions about make-up work. As many of you have seen by now, I'm doing my best to give everyone opportunities during class to correct work that they did poorly on. If students are still struggling, I will generally have them come in for BEAR Time on Thursdays. Even if you are not given an NP ticket, you can still come if you want to do make-up work, have a chance to redo an assignment you did poorly on, or even just have a quiet place to read or study. Parents, if you are concerned about your child's grade and you want me to bring them in for extra practice during BEAR Time regardless, let me know and I'll make sure they come in on a Thursday.

As a reminder, I generally do not assign homework to my students. However, if a student fails to complete an assignment in class (e.g., journals/reading logs) they should be taking it home to finish. Likewise, if you missed some reading in The Wednesday Wars or fail to complete one of the study guide worksheets, you can see me about borrowing a copy of the book to take home.

Students, thanks again for your hard work, attendance, and participation in class. Parents, thank you for your involvement, concern, and communication with me. Parent/teacher conferences are in two weeks, so I will look forward to seeing you then!